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We understand the need for brands to make their presence felt beyond audio and visual media. Vedic Aroma Lab specializes in creating a unique olfactory dimension for your audience. Our bespoke ‘olfactory signature scents' aim to embed your brand in the subconscious minds of your guests and patrons. This distinctive scent identity makes your guests instantly recall and recognize your name.


Scent marketing is a smart and effective strategy that promotes positive brand reinforcements and encourages customer loyalty when executed by our team of expert professionals. It creates a strong brand recall value for existing clients and an emotional pull connection with potential ones. 

Take the first step towards building your unique scent identity by filling out the form below. Let us help you create a memorable and captivating olfactory logo that sets your brand or organization apart.






Create Customer Delight with Customizable Aromas!


Take the entire customer experience to a whole new level by creating a fragrant space, unique to each guest. 


Delight your guests with a personalized touch – allow them to choose their favourite scent. Surprise your guests with a tiff of their beloved fragrance upon arrival, during the checking-in process, or in their rooms. Choose from a variety of options like Reed Diffusers, Aroma Oil Diffusers, Aroma Candles, Air Fresheners, Pillow Misters, and more! All you need to do is talk to our perfume experts to create an Aroma Menu, befitting your guests’ fine taste.